The next few entries are likely to cover different aspects of our highly variable winter weather in Scotland.

Today’s photos were taken on a recent visit to Irvine in Ayrshire, on a day when the river burst its banks in a variety of locations – closing roads and shops in the run up to Christmas. This wasn’t planned as a photo trip – it just turned out that way when I saw the river.

(I think that the houses on the far side of the river were all safe. The river bank was heightened here a few years ago.)

 I’ve chosen to highlight this shot for one simple reason. The main reason that I took this was to highlight the guy in the hi-viz jacket (presumably making sure that the houses were safe). However I didn’t notice the lampost still lit until I got home – yes, the lampost that is in the centre of the frame!

I recall the river bursting its banks on several occasions, but I don’t remember it flowing so fast or being so loud. I’ve tried to capture the sense of movement, but know that I’ve fallen short on this objective.

Lessons learned:

  • Carrying your camera in all weathers and situations is key;
  • Don’t get too obsessed with one aspect of an image – i.e. the guy in the hi-viz jacket. Take a bit more time to look at the whole picture as your camera sees it.
  • The right clothing is also an essential part of the photographers kit. (I should have had full waterproofs (it was raining heavily), and wellies would have allowed me to get some better angles and perspectives.
  • (While I wasn’t carrying my tripod, I’m realistic enough to know that I wouldn’t have taken the time to set it up for each shot, given the heavy rain and the cold that was seeping into my bones – especially my fingers!)

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