… and the cute

Even while I was taking some of these photos, I knew that I had some ethical misgivings about some of the things that we do to children and horses in the name of tradition. But, they are undeniably cute, and it’s not my place to pass judgement on the values and behaviours of strangers.

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Celebrating tradition

Last weekend I returned to my hometown to watch the annual festival parade. I’ve probably seen this parade more than 30 times, and the format doesn’t change significantly from year to year.

On Saturday – during the early stages of the parade – I was sitting on a wall, thinking to myself ‘What am I looking for here? I don’t want to take the traditional shots of this tradition-based parade.’ Then, I absent-mindedly started to observe the photographer from the local press. He was clearly taking ‘the usual’ shots, which I guess is what sells the papers. After all, the shots may look and feel the same to the photographer, but each year they feature (mainly) different people. We have a new queen, four new Marys, new bands, new participants… as well as some old stagers. So my thinking shifted (a wee bit) to ‘What’s wrong with this tradition? Let’s celebrate it.’

These are the more traditional shots that survived my editing cull.

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