The Weeping Window #1


While we were on holiday in Northumberland last week we visited the Weeping Window installation at Woodhorn Museum. The museum site provides a wonderful backdrop to the display and reminds us that wars are not only fought on the front-line and in the trenches.

We were there on a grey, drizzly morning, which created a sombre atmosphere. I think that it also kept the attendance figures a bit low, so I was able to get most of my shots without strangers impinging on the images. I haven’t done much processing of the images below – mainly fixing my vertical alignment. I haven’t applied any filters, so they are essentially how they came out of the camera.

I’ll post more images over the next few days.

(Click on images for larger versions.)

I was quite chuffed that one of the security staff asked me if I was a professional as I would have needed to get accreditation. As they say, you can fool some of the people some of the time!


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