Time to go

I’ve decided to close this blog. I’d prefer to focus my efforts on Endlessly Restless. I will continue to publish Friday photo over there, and use Flickr for other stuff.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Douglas Adams – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy



How to avoid the easy, straight on typical tourist view?

This is the challenge when capturing an iconic image – like the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. There’s also a temptation to try the unnecessary novel approach. In the end, my approach is to look at it from different angles. Then, I go with my gut instinct. I haven’t developed the ability to think about post-processing options when I’m taking the photos. Maybe that’s a skill to work on.

Look up!

One of my mantras, when I’m taking photos in a city, is to “Look up!” It’s amazing how much happens above our heads (literally and metaphorically). Sometimes my eye is drawn naturally to a pinnacle or spire – like the Bauhaus column. Sometimes I need to remind myself – like the Fernsehturm (below).

I realise that upward shots are prone to distortion. Some of this can be adjusted in Photoshop, but even when it can’t the results are still worthwhile.