Bending the processing rules

Bending the processing rules

In Edinburgh at the weekend, I wanted to capture the Bank of Scotland building on the Mound. The sky was amazing blue, and I had noticed that the St Andrews cross created by the jet trails. My problem was that the foreground was in deep shadow. So, I took some bracketed shots with a view to layering them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod with me. So when I tried to layer them, the images weren’t aligned (by a long way). I don’t have the skills or patience to align them manually and almost gave up. Then an idea popped into my head.

I know that Photoshop Elements will align images to create a panorama. So what if I used the three bracketed shots to do that?

Well, you can judge for yourself below. I’m quite pleased with the result. (However, I do need to learn

Who says you have to follow the processing rules?

(However, I do need to learn to carry my tripod as a matter of course.)

P1220844; P1220845; P1220846


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