Get organised, stay organised

Get organised, stay organised

Yesterday’s entry reminded me of a photo that I’d taken when visiting Boston in 2008. The problem was… I couldn’t find it.  Back in 2008, I hadn’t developed any sort of workflow or filing system. In fact, my filing was chaotic. I had different file types in separate folders, no naming convention, duplicate copies of some files, some files missing completely.

In the end, my wife helped me to find the photo. Otherwise, this entry wouldn’t have happened. And I wouldn’t have realised quite how messy my old files are.

I don’t think this would happen with my new workflow – although I can’t be 100% sure.

The (painful) lesson here is that if I want to access my old images, I’ve got an enormous task to sort them out. I guess I’ll have to tackle it little and often.IMGP2883 making an effort, leaving a trail


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