Friday photo: Night Tyne

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The allure of twinkling lights 2

The allure of twinkling lights 2

One of my photography adages/mantras is ‘Don’t forget to look up’. While walking along the Southbank in London, it would be easy to focus on eye level – i.e. the river, because it offers so many opportunities. But, to miss seeing the famous Oxo tower at night would be a serious omission. I love how the simplicity and elegance of the OXO lights stands out against its more modern surroundings. I wonder which building will have the longest ‘shelf life’?

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There is an alternative treatment on Flickr – if you’re interested.

The allure of twinkling lights 1

The allure of twinkling lights 1

There’s something about the lights of a city at night that captivate me. I love the effect in this shot of the red dots from the cranes of Canary Wharf. (You really need to click on the photo to get a larger version to see what I mean.) I like the way that the barge and the posts in the river give a contrast to the shimmering lights of Blackfriars bridge. In some ways, this image tells a story of a great city – simultaneously ancient and modern.

Southbank in motion 2

Southbank in motion 2

The motion blur in this photo is not intentional. I was trying to capture the curving line of lampposts with St Paul’s cathedral in the background. The length of exposure (1.6 seconds) created the blur. The starburst from the light is straight out of the camera, and I’m very happy with that!

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Other night time shots along the River Thames are available on Flickr.

Southbank in motion

Southbank in motion

Continuing the theme of motion blur that emerged on our recent visit to London…

This one is taken on the Southbank at approximately 8 p.m. There were plenty of people around to create movement and energy. I used a five second exposure, so I’m grateful to the people to the right of the image for sitting still!

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I seem to be going through a monochrome phase in my post processing preferences. If you want to see the colour or the simple black and white versions, check out my Flickr page.


Borough High Street reflections #1

Sometimes my eye catches something, and I know that I want to capture it. The first thing that grabbed my attention in this image was the reflection of Southwark cathedral.

But I felt that there was more to the shot than that. As I stood considering what was missing, I became aware of the bus approaching. Beyond a vague notion of the ‘rule of thirds’, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. As luck would have it, the bus stopped in the bottom right of my viewfinder! Ideally, I’d have liked it a few feet further back – to get more red in shot and to cover the letters ‘ST’. But i like what I got anyway.