Spring in Perth #1

Spring in Perth #1

For me, there is something joyous about crocuses. Maybe it’s because they bring the first vibrant colour to the spring garden. Maybe it’s the way that they open themselves to whatever, limited sun we get at this time of year.

Here in Perth, there is always a wonderful display of crocuses at the South Inch. Thousands of them line the edge of the park – greeting you as you enter and luring passers-by.

So, I went there to take some photos. And I was disappointed with the results. My intention was to capture the whole scene, rather than zooming in to individual flowers (resisting the macro temptation).

This is the best of a bad lot. This shot is not too impressive and I almost discarded it. But then I thought, ‘What if I give it a different treatment in processing?’ Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see that image.

I’ve added some other shots… to bring some joy into your day.



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