A bridge at sunset

A bridge at sunset

I learned a new phrase the other day. Apparently, a straightfae” is a social event immediately at the conclusion of a working day – usually involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This was photo was taken as I was going home after a straightfae. For the record, I left early and had not consumed any alcohol, because I was driving. Now that we’ve cleared that up… the photo.

(Click on image for larger version.)

The sun was setting and casting a glorious golden tone on everything that it touched. The Tay Rail Bridge looked amazing. I have to use my iPhone (the only camera I had with me), so you’ll need to enlarge it to see the effect. I may have mentioned it before, but I do like the panorama feature on the iPhone!

The only processing was a bit of cropping – everything else is straight out of the camera/phone.


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