Southbank in motion 2

Southbank in motion 2

The motion blur in this photo is not intentional. I was trying to capture the curving line of lampposts with St Paul’s cathedral in the background. The length of exposure (1.6 seconds) created the blur. The starburst from the light is straight out of the camera, and I’m very happy with that!

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Other night time shots along the River Thames are available on Flickr.

Sunset snap

Sunset snap

I’ve categorised this image as ‘opportunism’. I had gone to the beach with the intention of photographing the sunset. But, I’d been distracted by the Pilot House (see yesterday’s post). So when I arrived to take my sunset shots, the sun was already very low. I didn’t have much time to move around to find the best angle. In hindsight, I would have liked to be a bit lower and try to have the sun immediately behind the marker in the sea.

I guess there’s always a trade-off when you see an unintended opportunity!


The pilot house

The pilot house

This is a building that fascinated me as a child. It sits at the mouth of the harbour in Irvine, and used to provide an automatic indication of the tide/depth of the channel. When it functioned, a series of balls rose from a mast at the top of the building. The more balls that were visible, the deeper the water in the channel. It hasn’t worked for many years.

I still find it fascinating – even without the mast and the balls.

This image is pretty much as it was shot. I straightened the lines a bit, but haven’t tinkered with it in other ways. (You will find some alternative treatments on my Flickr site, if you’re interested.)