Friday photo: By the seaside

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People on Primrose Hill

People on Primrose Hill

(I usually prepare these entries about a week ahead of publication. This one was set up to publish today. I think it’s particularly appropriate in light of the recent terrorist attack in London – to show people relaxing and enjoying the peace of their environment.)

Often I work hard to exclude people from my photos. On this occasion, I think that they add an important dimension to the image.

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Our green spaces in cities exist to provide citizens with places to relax and get close to nature. It could be argued that excluding people divorces the scene from reality… or shows a different reality?

The skyline is still the main point of this photo, but it’s not the only element of interest.

I wouldn’t (quite) call this street photography, but that’s an avenue that I’d like to explore.

A bridge at sunset

A bridge at sunset

I learned a new phrase the other day. Apparently, a straightfae” is a social event immediately at the conclusion of a working day – usually involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This was photo was taken as I was going home after a straightfae. For the record, I left early and had not consumed any alcohol, because I was driving. Now that we’ve cleared that up… the photo.

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The sun was setting and casting a glorious golden tone on everything that it touched. The Tay Rail Bridge looked amazing. I have to use my iPhone (the only camera I had with me), so you’ll need to enlarge it to see the effect. I may have mentioned it before, but I do like the panorama feature on the iPhone!

The only processing was a bit of cropping – everything else is straight out of the camera/phone.

A city of contrasts #2

A city of contrasts #2

I hoped that converting yesterday’s image to black and white would emphasise the contrast in the sky. It doesn’t!

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Instead, it turns it into something completely different (in my opinion). Somehow, the people on the bridge seem to be more prominent – becoming the subject rather than part of the background. I don’t understand it, but I like it.

What do you think?

(Other, similar images can be found on my Flickr site – if you’re interested.)

A city of contrasts #1

A city of contrasts #1

As the rainstorm passed, we were treated to this wonderful perspective.

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This one is much better when you click to enlarge it.

I love the contrast between the sunshine on St Paul’s (ancient) and the storm lingering over Canary Wharf (modern). And, perhaps, those who bemoaned the rain as it threatened to drench them, now saw it as an opportunity.


(Other, similar images can be found on my Flickr site – if you’re interested.)

Sealed with a kiss

Sealed with a kiss

After showing photos taken from the Shard, I thought I’d post some images featuring the building itself.

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This one didn’t turn out as I’d intended… I’m pleased to say!

My plan was to take a panorama – using my iPhone – taking in Tower Bridge, the Shard and Tate Modern. I didn’t realise that this couple were being intimate until I swept around as I took the shot.

My first reaction was to wait for them to leave and take it again – as you may have noticed, people don’t feature much in my photography. But as I waited, I looked at the photo and concluded that without them in shot, the image would be a bit flat. So, I decided to keep it and share it.

Sometimes accidents are useful.

(Other, similar images can be found on my Flickr site – if you’re interested.)

Belvedere #1

Belvedere #1

The grandeur of Vienna is punctuated by Imperial palaces. We visited Belvedere – the winter palace. Actually, we only went to the upper building, given how much there was to see there. The main reason for our visit was to see the collection of paintings by Klimt, which is fabulous.

But, in many ways, the building and the grounds were the star attractions.

The elaborate decoration of the building is hardly surprising. It is, nevertheless, stunning and a bit surreal.

The views from the palace over Vienna are wonderful. Unfortunately, we were there on a grey, overcast Sunday. I would like to visit again with different weather conditions.

(By the way, we noticed several people running through the grounds as part of their morning jog. So, I assume that you can visit the grounds without paying.)

The museum quarter 2

The museum quarter 2

… and now for something completely different.

As you enter Vienna’s museum quarter from the Burgtor, you are greeted by two identical (I think) buildings facing each other. One contains the art history museum, the other is the natural history museum.

I hadn’t thought about trying to include both buildings in one photo, until I noticed the MQ sign. It seemed to me to create a nice contrast – the modern design of the sign and the imperial grandeur of the buildings. Unfortunately, I managed to cut off the top of the sign. I still think that the image works.