HMS Belfast @ sunset

HMS Belfast @ sunset

I really liked the background to this photo – the way the lights was catching the Post Office Tower.

(Click on image for larger version.)

However, I had a lot of trouble processing it. I had used my neutral density filter to cope with shooting towards the strong, low sunlight. This created a silhouette effect throughout the image, including HMS Belfast in the foreground.

So I’ve fiddled with some fill light in the RAW editor and some of the light settings in Photoshop. The end product is close to what I was hoping for… but not quite there yet. I’d like the background to be a bit more silhouette-y.

Any suggestions?


A bridge at sunset

A bridge at sunset

I learned a new phrase the other day. Apparently, a straightfae” is a social event immediately at the conclusion of a working day – usually involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This was photo was taken as I was going home after a straightfae. For the record, I left early and had not consumed any alcohol, because I was driving. Now that we’ve cleared that up… the photo.

(Click on image for larger version.)

The sun was setting and casting a glorious golden tone on everything that it touched. The Tay Rail Bridge looked amazing. I have to use my iPhone (the only camera I had with me), so you’ll need to enlarge it to see the effect. I may have mentioned it before, but I do like the panorama feature on the iPhone!

The only processing was a bit of cropping – everything else is straight out of the camera/phone.